Self-Assessment of Professionals Interests, Personal Skills, Motivation Factors, Personality Type and Aptitudes in Autonomous Engineering College Libraries of Andhra Pradesh


Author(s): V.V. Lakshmi Ravi Kiran

– Learning is a life-long process. Professional qualified staff is very important and need in libraries to plan, direct and supervise various library operations. This work examines the issues related to self-assess among the library professionals. This paper tries to assess the interests, personal skills, motivation factors, personality type and aptitudes of library professionals, employed in these libraries based on a survey method. The study is undertaken to assess the professionals learning gaps among these college libraries and where the areas of learning and training needs to be find out. This paper tries to help the library professional development activities. The target population of the study consisted of librarians, assistant librarians and library assistants in these college libraries. Andhra Pradesh has total fifty autonomous engineering colleges up to academic year 2018-19 as per UGC ([1], out of which, five are government autonomous engineering colleges, and the remaining forty five are under private management. The fifty autonomous engineering college libraries selected to my research study. At first gathered these librarian names, contact numbers and email ids. Check list form questionnaire was mailed to all the autonomous engineering college librarians. The questionnaire related to self-assessment of professionals career development practices in these college libraries. Primary data were received from five government colleges on the spot visit, eight private colleges on the appointment visit, fifteen private colleges sent by post, eighteen private colleges sent by e-mail and four private colleges not responded any way. Total 46 colleges were responded. The college’s response rate was 92 percent.

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