Self-Assessment of Government Autonomous Engineering College Libraries in Andhra Pradesh


Author(s): V.V. Lakshmi Ravi Kiran, K. Venkata Rao

This work examines the issues related to self-assess among the government autonomous engineering college libraries in Andhra Pradesh, India. This paper try to assess the particulars of college, library, collection strength, infrastructure, software using for library automation and institutional repository, e-resources, user services, ICT infrastructure availability, tools using for selecting books and journals, total library staff strength in the libraries. Andhra Pradesh has total fifty autonomous engineering colleges as per UGC ([1], out of which, five are government autonomous engineering colleges, and the remaining 45 are under private management. The five government autonomous engineering college libraries selected initial to my research study as a sample size. First structured a questionnaire based on an interview method. Interview questions related to various traditional effective self-assessment techniques of libraries. These libraries visited personally under the survey. The questionnaire is interviewed on the spot visit to the librarians without appointment. The response rate was 100 percent. This article identifies accreditation gaps, functioning hour’s gaps, software usage gaps, user services gaps, ICT infrastructure gaps, library services gaps, tools using gaps for print and electronic books selection, tools using gaps for print and electronic journals selection and shortage of professional staff in these college libraries. The study suggests helpful findings for college libraries to make a development of user services, user facilities, accreditations, ICT infrastructure, tools usage and professional staff

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