Security & Conservation of Libraries


Author(s): Bijayananda Pradhan, Ratnapriya Bhoi

The library has the primary role of acquiring, processing, organizing, preserving, conserving as well as securing the printed and non-printed information resources or materials for the use of their users. The rapid increase in the amount of published information also has put tremendous pressure on the library manager to collect and manage resources for the posterity. As the amount of available information grows, the problem of managing the information becomes more difficult, which can lead to information overload. In a nutshell, the information overload, collection development, their preservation & conversation for long term benefits and finally to secure the documents from unethical practice is an area of concern. Security is essential in spheres of life, not only it is required for individuals and their lives, but it is also equally important for the organizations like libraries. Some major security issues in libraries include, but not restricted to; mutilation of books, theft of library materials, intentional mis-shelving of books, use of other patron’s library cards, duplicating ownership stamps, etc. Several types of safety and security problems faced by the library and different mechanisms followed in conservation of libraries are also discussed in this paper.

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