Scientometric Portrait of Madras G Former Professor of IISc from the Chemical Engineering Domain


Author(s): Yashodamma G*

The study undertook to know the research contribution of Dr Madras G former Scientist of IISc, Bangalore, which is one of the excellent and top institutions of India in all prospects of academics and research activities. The analysis revealed that most of the publications came in the form of (540) research articles. Most of his top-cited journals came from the US, UK and Netherlands with medium to high impact factor Journals. He was collaborative in nature with other fellow scientists with the degree of collaboration (DC) 1.00 and collaboration co-efficient (CC) 0.71. His most of authorship appearance came in 2-authored papers (216) between the duration of 1993-2020. Bose S from IISc was his highest collaborator with 41 documents. “Industrial And Engineering Chemistry Research” journal was the most used source for publication with 55 papers and the top keyword was degradation used 30 times.

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