Scientometric Analysis of World Biodiversity Literature


Author(s): Hydar Ali, Adithya Kumari H

The study presents the scientometric analysis of world biodiversity literature based on the publications indexed in the Web of Science Core Collection during the period from 1989 to 2016. Overall total 154654 records were retrieved. BibExcel toolbox and MS-Excel spreadsheet were used to analyze the data.Findings of the analysis revealed that relative growth rate of article contributions of biodiversity literature has shown a decreasing trend, whereas the doubling time for publications has shown increasing trend.The most prolific contributor in the field of biodiversity literature among the authors are Gastone, KJ gets the first rank with 257 (0.17%) publications.The multi authored papers rank first in order with a total of 139206 (90.01%) contributions and remaining 15448 (9.99%) contributions are from the single authors.The Chinese Academy of Sciences occupies the first rank among the top institutions contributing Biodiversity literature by contributing 2305 publications during the study period. It is also found that 24223 (15.66%) publications on world biodiversity literature did not receive any citations.

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