Scientometric Analysis of Total Quality Management Output: A Global Perspective


Author(s): Mahadeva M, Anitha S Rai, Praveen B Hulloli

Contributed from the Web of Science database during the study period of 2009-2018with a total number of 52,190 publications with 8,15,986 citations. This study aims to analyze Scientometric tools such as Growth of publication, percentage analysis, relative growth rate and doubling time, and country wise contribution. During the study period maximum of 6,399 (12.27%) research publications are contributed to the year 2018 and 2009 to 2018 citations slowly decreasing with CAGR -1726. The relative growth rate is identified decreasing trend and doubling time is increasing trend from 2009 to 2018. Top ten ranking of USA is the most contributing top-ranking articles with 6411 (0.79%) in the year 2009 on TQM research articles. Even through USA is the pot positioning to produce research articles in TQM area. Hardly Indian institutions are not listed among the productive institutions

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