Scientometric Analysis of Literature on Black Holes in J-Gate: The World Perspective


Author(s): Parameshappa Kenchakaller, B S Biradar

The contemporary study inspects the research output literature on "Black Holes" data as retrieved from the J-Gate database during 2007-2021. The total of 38,481 publications analyzed through various scientometric techniques such as annual growth rate, most productive journal, most prolific authors, most cited papers from SJR ranking, geographical distribution, and most frequently occurring keywords of research productivity are all examined in this study. The study conceded only journal articles and a few theses the year-wise publications are to be increased year by year, and the annual growth rate is also to be increased but decreased in 2016. The most productive journal is Physical Review D, with 6042 publications (29.56%). The research outputs in the top 12 sub research areas range from 1240 to 23,887 publications. The highest number of papers published in America was by Fabian A. C. from Cambridge University. The paper Galactic Center, Massive Black Hole, and Nuclear Star Cluster by Reinhard Genzeland Frank Eisenhauer et al. have received 934 citations with 31.1 TCPY. It also identified the UK and USA as having contributed the most articles on black holes research, in this list, India was secured in 6th place, and the visualization purposes used VOSviewer software.

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