Scientometric analysis of ?IET Computers & Digital Techniques?: 2007-2016


Author(s): Aruna J.

This paper aims to perform a scientometric analysis of IET Computers & Digital Techniques to find out the quality, popularity and impact of the international journal published by IET Digital Library. Scientometric analysis of ten volumes from the year 2007 to 2016of IET Computers & Digital Techniques covering 40 issues containing 461 contributions was performed. All the bibliographic details were noted and recorded in tabular form for the purpose of in-depth analysis. Based on the analysis of the recorded data, findings have been presented. The study shows a trend of gradual growth in contributions published during the period of study, with an average number of 46.1 contributions per volume of the journal. Maximum number of contributions/research papers (82) were found to be published in the year 2007, whereas the minimum (38) in the year 2016.

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