Scientometric Analysis of Gravity Research Output: A Global Perspective


Author(s): Arun Kumara T.S, K.T. Santhosh Kumar

The main objective of this investigation is to know the applicability of Bradford's law in gravity research. A total of 75342 records has been retrieved from the Web of Science citation database for a period of 10 years i.e. from 2010 to 2019. The study examined the year-wise research output, communication channels preferred by the researchers, and most productive journals in gravity literature. The analysis of the study revealed that there is an increasing trend in terms of research productivity during the period. The maximum number of research papers are published in the year 2018 with 9407 records followed by 2019 with 9239 records and very less i.e. 5855 papers are recorded in the year 2010. The majority of the researchers prefer to publish their research articles in the form of journal articles. The rank list of most productive journals shows that Physical Review D is in 1st rank by contributing 5814 papers. The application of the Bradford law of scattering does not fit into the Bradford zones.

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