Scientomentric Analysis of Library Trends Journal (1980-2017) Using Scopus Database


Author(s): Ran Vijay Pratap, Anubhav Srivastava

This study aims to evaluate the publications of Library Trends 1980-2017. The data were retrieved from the Scopus database published by Elsevier. It covers various methods like year wise distribution of article, authorship pattern, most prolific authors, country wise distribution of authors, most prolific institutes and degree of author collaboration. The study reveals that Library Trends has come out with total publications of 1500 articles during the study periods. The highest number of publications in terms of articles 72(4.8%) was published in the year 2007 followed by minimum 1(0.07%) in the year 1982. The study shows that most of the papers 1092(72.80%) were single authors followed by 408(27.2%) multi-authors papers. It reveals that Marshall, J.G. has scored first position in most prolific author ranking list by contributing 10 articles in Library Trends. The country wise distribution of findings shows that highest number of contribution made by United States articles (1136) and scored first rank.

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