Scholarly Open Access Science Journals In DOAJ: An Overview


Author(s): Basavaraja M. T.

The “Open Access” is one of the most inspirational and necessary events in publishing in recent years. Electronic publishing improved the way most researchers access literature in their field. Currently, Open Access is changing the way electronic resources are distributed. An Access method, however, affects only the path a researcher takes to get the literature. It does not alter the nature of their interaction with the resources once they are located. Literature that is deemed by an author to be the most significant, the most scientifically sound, and the most relevant to their current work is not only accessed, it is read and reserved. Therefore, the study has made an attempt to know the Open Access Science journals in DOAJ published between the years 2002 to 2017. It also made an attempt to know the number of Science journals published in various languages, countries, publishers etc.

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