Scholarly Information Share through Social Networks (SNs) and Medias among Social Science Scholars in selected State Universities in Tamilnadu.


Author(s): C. Baskaran

The study analyzed that use of social network and Medias by theResearch scholars in Selected Universities of Tamilnadu.To highest 87 (31.9%) of respondents Annamalai University,(16.8%) and (15%) of them Male and Female respectively out of 273 total respondents responded to the study.It is analysed More numbers of respondents (17.2%) of them 26-35. It followed by (27.1%) of respondents Management/ Commerce.The majority (83.5%) of respondents using “Whaatsapp” out of respondents. The respondents reported (77.7%) and (73.6%) using devices tools “Laptop” and Smartphone/Mobiles are respectively. The majority 179(65.6%) of the respondents witnessed to search “Daily” followed by 65(23.8%) of the respondents reported that Send/Receive a Messages “Rarely”.The majority 169(61.9%) of the respondents use SNs “Daily” reported SNs can be used PDF from can Read articles/Books etc. preference of research that majority 96(35.2%) of the respondents preference to “Obtain Natural/Raw data On Human Information Behavior” replied their option “Agree” (26.7%) of them less that Stated “Very Strongly Agree”.The majority 90(33%), 76(27.8) and 51(18.7%) of the respondents of them recorded that “Strongly Agree”, “Agree”, and “No Comment” respectively to prefer “Easy to access massive amount of data to analyse”.

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