Role of College Librarians in Promoting N-LIST E-Resources Usagein First Grade Colleges Affiliated to the University of Mysore: A Study


Author(s): Puttamadappa K.B, KhaiserJahan Begum

N-LIST- “National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for Scholarly Content”, jointly executed by UGC-INFONET Digital library Consortium, INFLIBNET Centre and INDEST-AICTE Consortium, N-List aims at providing access to selected e-resources to students and faculty of affiliated colleges at affordable cost. The study aims to ascertaining the awareness of N-LIST programme among science and social science faculty of selected colleges, understand the usage pattern and preferences, level of satisfaction, the need for orientation programmes and the various suggestions put forward by the users. The questionnaire method was used for the study. Questionnaires were distributed to science and social science faculty often colleges. Most of the respondents were aware of N-LIST and majority of them came to know about N-LIST from their college librarian. Those in science subjects access N-LIST more. The faculty access N-LIST for preparing articles, teaching, preparing presentations for projects etc. Though they find N-LIST very useful, they face certain problems such as slow Internet connectivity and lack of infrastructure in colleges and limited resources available in N LIST. A few of the respondents have suggested that more resources such as Science Direct may be included in N -LIST. It is hoped that programme will be accessible to more colleges with a wider coverage in future.

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