Researcher Profile Management Tools for Higher Educational Institutions: Strategic Role of Academic Librarians


Author(s): Santosh Kumar Tunga*

Researcher profile is an important aspect of organizing an academic/research career. A researcher profile is distinct and unique and can be defined as the core attitudes that determine how academics approach the concept of academic activities or works. The purpose of the study is to analyses the various aspects of researcher profile management tools. The study presents the tools and techniques in order to understand how to create online researcher profile and where to create online researcher profile. This study tries to discuss the role of academic library professionals in creating the researcher profile tools and also provides the recommendations and suggestions for increasing the online visibility of existing researcher profile. This study helps to researchers in creating researcher profiles in academic sites and also in academic social networking profile sites. The results of the study can be beneficial to academicians, researchers and others who might be interested to publish their research output in journals or any form of documents.

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