Research Trends in Oncology: A Scientometric Analysis


Author(s): Shilpa B. S* and S. Padmamma*

This paper highlights the publication status and growth of oncology research across the world and makes quantitative and qualitative assessment by way of analyzing various features of research output based on Web of Science database during the period 2011-2020. A total of 89,857 publications were published on oncology. The parameters studied include: year-wise growth of publications, country-wise distribution of publications, highly productive institutes, and highly preferred journals for publications by scientists. The highest numbers of articles were published in the year 2020 and the lowest number of articles was published in the year 2011. The majority of the researchers prefer to publish their research papers in journal articles. Devidas M an Indian researcher is in first place in global ranking by contributing 209 articles in the field of oncology. Harvard University from USA is at first place by contributing 5,133 articles. The USA is found to be the highest country that contributed 43.18% of articles. Journal of Clinical Oncology stands at the first position with 5,339 articles.

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