Research Productivity and Citations of Authors in University of Madras: A Study


Author(s): V. UMA, Dr. S. DHANAVANDAN

This paper is discussed about the published research articles and its citation available in the Indian Citation Index by the authors from University of Madras. The relevant data are collected from Indian Citation Index and it was were analyzed. It shows among 620 articles, Among the 620, 74(11.94%) articles published in 2013, 66(10.65%) articles 2011 & 2005 and 64(10.32%) articles in 2012. But in the 2006, 38(7.06%) articles only published. The lowest no.of articles i.e 2 was published in the year 2015. Based on the citation during the period 419 citations were made. Among the 419 Citations, 109(26.01%) citations in 2004, 59(14.08%) citation in 2005, 49(11.69%) citations in 2006 and 44(10.50%) citation in 2007 was identified

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