Research and Development of Soil Science in India: A Quantitative Study


Author(s): M. Angamuthu, V. Geetha

This study analyses the Research and development of soil science in India. The data collected from CAB Direct Online Databases for the recent years (2004- 2014).The total of 8565 records retrieved were analysed using excel worksheets. During the study period the publications were steadily increased except the year 2006 and 2013. Most of the Indian soil science research scientist were used to publish their research papers in journal articles only with 94% of total publication. “Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences”was the top most preferred journal for publication of soil science research in India. “Kumar, A” has top most contributed author with 161 articles. The Karnataka state is the top most producer of soil science research papers in India with 1059 papers in the study period.

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