Remote Sensing Research in India: An Analysis of Publications output during 2011-2015


Author(s): Chaman Sab M, P. Dharani Kumar, B. S. Biradar

The study examines growth and development of Indian remote sensing publications retrieved from web of science database for the period 2011 to 2015. Remote Sensing, irrespective of the field, the database provided 977 records and received 3,269 citations, with 3.35 an average citations per paper during the period. This paper attempt to provide the growth of literature using scientometric tools in field of Remote Sensing over the period of five years. The study uses different indicators, such as, total publications, citations, average citation per paper (ACP). International Collaborative papers, source preferred, the Relative Growth Rate (RGR), doubling time (Dt) and highly cited papers, to analyze the growth and development

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