Reengineering of Libraries in Covid-19 Pandemic Scenario: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities.


Author(s): Santosh Kumar Tunga

At present the whole world is going through a critical phase of COVID-19 pandemic lockdown environment. Corona virus has threatened and affected almost all spheres of our living and livelihood. Every academic institution including libraries and information centres has been affected with Corona virus. The new normal, social distancing, masks, gloves and washing of our hands are here to stay in the world. Even all restrictions are lifted, until corona vaccine is discover and implemented. The present study attempts to provide a better understanding of the measure to take into account when reopening the libraries and library services required for the post-pandemic academic library reopening phase. With a proper understanding of the pandemic, academic librarians can perform well in library re-opening time and similar pandemic conditions in the future and provide a better postpandemic experience for library users in the library re-opening. Library staff and all the stakeholders shall have a general understanding of the pandemic. Academic librarians can lead all the safety protocols, policies, getting touch with the latest updates about the pandemic, disinfection practices in the library.

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