Reading Habits and its Impact on Students Academic Performance: Case Study


Author(s): Sachin Kumar Diwan

Reading of books and study material is basic on the life of each student. It is important to scholarly execution of students. Normal reading propensities will assist them with turning out to be long lasting students The Study investigated impact of reading habit on the academic activity and performance of students of Shri Rawatpra Sarkar University (SRU), Raipur (C.G.). The study utilized survey research method. The research instrument utilized was Questionnaire. The findings indicate that larger part of the respondents who take participate in the investigation are not used to their time for reading and they mostly read for Examination, own personality development and for improving spoken and written English skills The respondents usually read his own notes, Text books and Electronic Resources . The investigation the study also revealed that reading habits has importance impact on students. Academic Performance The major factor extenuate against students reading habits is the social media like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter therefore the study recommends that students should be encouraged by their lectures to read different information resources other that their notes, they should make a blueprint of their timing schedule for reading and also academic institutions should monitor use of social media so that students will carefully use it for educational purpose.

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