Author(s): M.Madhusudhan

This study, investigates the level of job satisfaction among librarians of select engineering colleges in India. The questionnaire distributed to 700 respondents and the response rate was 66.57 per cent, containing 50 questions relating to job satisfaction and these converted into statements.The instrument assessed eleven key facets of job satisfaction with regard to various motivational factors and organizational characteristics. The responses received from the respondents to above variables is presented in the form of tables and analyzed with the help of different statistical methods. The study found that nature of job as the main motivational factor to enter in to the profession to achieve academic satisfaction. The study also revealed that ICT is the highest motivating factor in increasing efficiency. ‘Job profile’ is ranked first among the 11 key facets. Female respondents are more satisfied with their job than the male. Level of job satisfaction differs with different age groups. Librarians’ association with professional bodies has resulted in highest level of job satisfaction. It is observed that the level of job satisfaction increases with the increase in staff. It is highly significant to note here that the librarians enjoy high level of job satisfaction among automated libraries and moderate with the way ICT is used in providing library services to users, automation process of their library and working in digital library environment. It is hoped that librarians working in engineering colleges under study to update their knowledge and new ICT skills and also seek change from the traditional library techniques to modern automated systems along with the training and enhancement of knowledge. The analysis reveals that the highest level of job satisfaction is achieved by the librarians with highest salary. The findings of the study will set forth to college managements to be provided with minimum scale of pay as per the provisions of AICTE and adequate career advancement schemes and also formulate adequate ICT training programmes and infrastructure for librarians, so as to promote zeal, dedication and commitment to work for the development of the libraries of engineering colleges under study with job satisfaction.<

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