Publications Trends in the Journal 'Photoacoustics': A Bibliometric Approach


Author(s): Manoj M

Photoacoustics' is a premier open access quarterly journal in the field of Optoacoustics published by Elsevier. It has started its publication on 2013. Till date only 82 articles, specially dedicated to the field Optoacoustics, are being published. The present study aims to discover the extent and reach of the journal in the field of Optoacoustics by considering different parameters like year-wise categorisation of articles, authorship pattern, reference pattern, length of the articles, subject-wise distribution articles published, etc. Throughout the study the quality of articles published in the journal is seen. Out of 82 articles, 70(85%) are research articles which shows the dedication of the journal mainly to the research in the field of Optoacoustics. Year-wise distribution of articles shows the regularity in publication with an average of 16 articles per year. The authorship pattern shows the tendency of multi authorship instead of single authorship. Most of the articles are having more than 4 authors per article with an average of 4.82 authors per article. USA contributed the most number (45.12%) of articles followed by Germany (14.63%) and Netherlands (07.32%) and the most sought area of research is Optoacoustic Imaging (46.34%) followed by Photoacoustic Tomography (24.39%) and Photoacoustic Microscopy (12.20%).

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