Publications Analysis of Energy Efficient Healthcare from SCOPUS Database: A Study


Author(s): Antony Viswasa Rani, AL. Bathrinarayanan, E. Baburaj

Healthcare is a field of research which improves the life time of human being. Day by day a lot of research is growing in this field. One of the main applications of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) is Healthcare. Body Sensor Network (BSN) is a type of WSN which is useful for patient monitoring. Because the sensor nodes are battery powered, energy is one of the main constraint takes to consider. So an energy efficient healthcare should be enabled. This study aims to analyze the Publications using the keywords Energy Efficient and Healthcare and the data for analysis is collected from the SCOPUS database. The growth rate of the publications regarding these keywords is analyzed. The publication data are collected for the years 2008 to 2018 which includes totally 60 publications in English language with different document types. This study analyzes the Source type of the publications, annual growth rate, Relative growth rate, Doubling time, keywords which is frequently occurred, Subject areas, and authors who published maximum publications in this area.

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