Publication Productivity of Bharat RatnaProf. C.N.R. Rao during 1956- 1975: A Scientometric Portrait


Author(s): Raju Gadad, Ravi B

Prof. C.N.R. Rao has published more than 2000 research papers in his almost 60 years of research career. During 1956-1975 he has published 226 research papers, in which maximum papers are authored by three authors with 88 articles and highest number of papers published in the year 1975 with 20 (8.85%). Highest number of papers published in Can. J. Chem.-Rev. Can. Chim. With 19 and he used 57 different channels of communication to publish his research output. His research papers were categorised into 10 different chemistry domains, in which he has published maximum number of papers in Physical Chemistry with 74 and also he received highest number of citations in the same domain with 2760.

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