Publication Pattern of the Journal ?Webology?: A Bibliometric Analysis


Author(s): Nagasundara, Manjunatha J, . Dhruva kumar

The present bibliometric study has been undertaken to evaluate the pattern of growth of research output published in the ‘Webology’ journal. The study covers the analysis of authorship pattern, most prolific authors, most prolific institutions and geographical affiliation of the contributors of the articles published in the journal during the period 2004 – 2013. There are 158 articles published in ‘Webology’ journal in ten selected years. The study result found that the majority of articles 114 (72.15 %) were research article and the highest numbers of articles 106 (67.10%) were single authored publication. Authors from India have contributed the majority of articles 46 (19.33%) followed by UK 36 (15.13%) and Iran 33 (13.87%). Among the total contributors, Hamind R. Jamli has contributed highest number of research articles 12 (3.66%) followed by Yazdan Mansourian 6 (1.83%). The year 2005-2008 has contributed more than half of the total articles 92 (58.23%). Majority of institutions which have contributed to the journal are academic institutions and are mainly belonging to developed countries. Out of 238 institutions, the ‘University College, London’ (11) leads with first rank followed by ‘University of Tasmania, Iran’ (7). The highest number of the articles 29 (18.35%) are published on the subject area of ‘Web Information Retrieval, Ontology, Metadata and Linked Data’. The majority of the articles’ (25.95%) citations range between 10 to 19 per article and the type of majority of citations (43.11%) were journal article.

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