Publication Pattern and Research Colloboration of Forensic Medincine During 1989-2016


Author(s): C. Baskaran, P. Rameshbabu

The study examines the publication productivity of Forensic Medicine output during 1989-2016. The growth of the publications, RGR and Dt of the research output, Collaboration of authors, Collaborative co-efficient etc. in the study.The result of the study found that publications growth rate between 11 (0.26%) in 1989 and 447 (10.76%) in 201. The largest output in was found 447 publications in 2013. It is found the DC between 0.64 and 0.94 and overall DC measured to be 23.08 throughout study period. The study could be found DC was an increased and a decreased trend appeared in the whole study period.Value n in the field of Forensic Medicine is being analysed, it has calculated the exponential growth is n= 4.4320914 for author.

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