Public Libraries as Community Information Centres: A futuristic approach


Author(s): J. Jaba Joselin, P. Panneerselvam

Information is considered as one of the basic needs of mankind in this information era. Therefore, it becomes an important duty of a state to facilitate its citizen for information access, easily and freely. Community Information is considered as problem-solving bustle which helps the people to take right decision at right time. It can be further described as ‘survival information’, which means information for everyone in a community for their day-today life. Having said the importance of information, public Libraries play a vital role in information dissemination to a wide range of user community at free of cost. This study attempts to explore various community information needs and to find out all the possible opportunities to provide Community Information Services (CIS) through public libraries. In this paper the authors explore the possibilities of providing community information services through public libraries in India.

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