Psychological Attraction of Human Towards Time Saving Electronics Media for Their Reading Habits


Author(s): Borade Gauri Prashant

This research paper describes huge availability of e book and human mentality changes toward e reading. In electronic world there is no place to remain digitizes. Electronic media is useful to get information easily within time. So it is useful for time saving also useful for saving money. In market there are many gadgets are available to use. Humans are mentally attracts towards these gadgets. There is relation of human psychology of attraction towards fast and forward equipments to make their work easy and will be completed very short time. Psychology is the science of performance and brain, taking on all aspects of mindful and insensible experience as well as thought. Psychology is an academic control and a social science which seeks to understand individuals and groups by establishing general ethics and researching specific cases. In this research paper I focused on e books and websites available to read and download free e books having various languages.

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