Pre-Requisites of Designing and Developing a Dictionary of Place Names of Odisha: A Geographical Information Source


Author(s): Sucheta Jena, Pitambar Padhi

The study of place names, also known as “Toponymy”, involves language, history, personalities, people, geography, topography, religion, cultural tradition, politics, and even local industries. A place name is a window that can shade light on the past as to who the inhabitants were at that time, where they went, and how they communicated. The coining of names often follows historical developments. Odisha has a great and glorious history ruled by the British, Moghuls, Marathas and other rulers from time to time and many place names were given by them. The toponym gives the meaning and origin of names of countries, towns, cities and villages of historical and cultural interest tracing their development from the earliest times to the present day. It reflects our cultural heritage, tradition and an identity which are in need of being recorded in the dictionary format for generations to use, and so is the objective herein.

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