Postgraduate Students? Expectations and Perceptions on Quality of Service Provision by University Libraries in Nigerian Universities: Evidence Based Investigation


Author(s): Rilwanu Adamu, A.A. Maidabino

This study investigates the postgraduate students’ expectations and perceptions about quality of service provision using the three (3) dimensions of LibQUAL model. These are the use of information resources, library facilities, and services. Using the three dimensions, the researchers evaluates and reports the situation of the university libraries with regard to postgraduate students of the Federal universities in Northwestern Nigeria. Quantitative research methodology was used, using survey research design. Four hundred and ten (410) copies of questionnaire were administered to the postgraduate students in the four (4) Federal Universities in Northwestern Nigeria. Three hundred and sixty-seven (367) questionnaire were completed, returned and found usable which represents 89.6%. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive analysis through the use of frequency and percentages. Inferential statistics through the use of Pearson Correlation was used to test the hypotheses using SPSS version 20.0. In conducting the test, 0.05 was used as the level of significance. Findings of the study revealed that postgraduate students expect the university libraries to provide them with quality service delivery that meet their research needs. It also found that postgraduate students perceived the quality of services provided as satisfactory. It also identified some challenges associated with quality of service provision in the university libraries. However, the study recommends that there is a need for improvement on various aspects of quality service delivery in order to meet customers’ needs and expectations in the libraries of Federal Universities Northwestern Nigeria.

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