Outline of Collection Development in Law College Libraries of Karnataka: A Study


Author(s): Umesha M B, P Sarasvathy

Law libraries which are considered to be serve to academic and legal research activities must help achieve the academic goals of their institutions and this is possible only through developing adequate library collection and/or providing seamless and wider access to relevant electronic resources. It maintains that the major indicator of a good library is the quality and quantity of its collections. It is necessary for law libraries to acquire existing and relevant information resources necessary for supporting the teaching, learning, and research activities that law colleges are known for. The researcher investigates the trends in collection development activities in law college libraries. This article describes briefly the impact of publishing on collection development in libraries. It also examines the status and management of print and electronic resources in law libraries surveyed and enlists the challenges before library professionals in the changed perspective. It also explores the kind of collaborative collection initiatives taken up by law libraries and the perceptions of the library professionals on collaborative collection development.

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