Opportunities and Fhallenges Facing Provision of Information Literacy to Multi-Cultural Communities: A case of Tana River County, Kenya.


Author(s): Daniel W. Muthee, Johnson MulongoMasinde

The existence of multicultural communities in Kenya has compounded provision of information literacy to diverse groups. Opportunities and challenges exist in equal measure. The people’s perceptions, cultural beliefs and practices, religious inclinations and language differences form the basis of the opportunities and challenges. This paper underpins the opportunities and challenges of providing information literacy to nomadic, agricultural and business communities in Tana River County. The objectives of the paper included identification of the different cultural groups, determining of the role of them and identification of the opportunities and challenges. The conclusions include existence of several opportunities and challenges. The multi cultural diversity in Tana River County amplifies information and literacy for development due to the literacy competition for the few existing opportunities. Challenges identified include lack of equity in income and resources, language differences and backward cultural practices. The suggested recommendations include promotion of literacy, translation of information into local languages and aggressive policies on HTPs.

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