Opinion About E-Resources by the Faculty Members in Arts and Science Colleges: A Study


Author(s): A. Isabella Mary, S. Dhanavandan

This paper discussed about the use of e-resources by Faculty members of Arts and Sciences Colleges in Dindigul Dt. Due to the development of ICT different services are provided by libraries to meet their users need and demands. This study evaluates the users’ attitudes, awareness and satisfaction of the e-resources in library. Based on that 300 questionnaires were distributed to the faculty members and 293 were replied. Out of 293,143 (48.81%) respondent gave the preference to the Google search engines and next place comes on yahoo with 87 (29.69%) respondents. The Alta Vista replied by 28 (9.56%) respondents and Bing,, Alexa,, AskMeNow these were indicated by the minimum respondents. But the people not interested to use because the Rediff was the oldest one in India.

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