Need of Tribal Libraries to built-up Educational Environment in Tribe People


Author(s): Gauri Prashant Borade

This paper presents the current situation of tribe people and situation after implementation of library facility in Tribal era. Current situation of tribal people is developing. Their education and their day to day life are more affected by the environment. For education they have no time. They depend on the nature. They only want sufficient food for living. Govt. and NGOs are working to develop their life. But they haven’t known about the educational benefits. If Govt. is working for the same then they can live with better lifestyle. Also they can earn more than present. The motive of this research paper is to think about tribal development and make them educated. The libraries can do a lead role to make them thinkable person. This paper also represents the role of TRI –Tribal Research Institutes. As well as their multiculturism also a part of this research paper. How can Tribal Library work for tribal empowerment is mostly highlighting issue of this research paper.

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