Need of ICT Knowledge for Librarians in the Changing World


Author(s): P. Ramalinga Reddy

Effectiveness of a library service s currently mostly depends upon the data and Communication Technology (ICT). fashionable tutorial libraries area unit a lot of powerful, dynamic and might reach their users while not the restrictions of geographical boundaries. during this web era libraries fast paced to digital mode and might be accessed universally. With the appearance of recent communication technologies libraries redesigned their services to borderless world and become lifeblood of the community. Use of ICTs in libraries has become nice advantage for its users as they open up opportunities for ability and data exchange. Users will access wide range of knowledge resources like text, sound, pictures etc consistent with their desires underneath one umbrella. Therefore, application of ICTs provides extensive impact on the method within which libraries relate to their user communities and become a necessary a part of evolving data society. The study endeavors to spot varied elements of ICT that area unit used or being employed in libraries and data systems.

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