Metacognitive Strategies Importance in Enhancing Reading Comprehension Skills


Author(s): Mohammed Bouknify* and Khadija Anasse

Although second language research focuses primarily on L2 learning strategies, recent research has shifted its focus onto language learners metacognitive awareness and use. There has been some progress in improving L2 educational practices, but there is still a need for more research on learners' metacognition in the reading process in EFL contexts. This article examined effective teaching strategies for EFL reading comprehension. Metacognitive strategies are emphasized primarily to enable students to reflect on mental processes occurring before, during, and after reading. Reading comprehension and performance are therefore enhanced when metacognitive strategies are incorporated. This study examined metacognitive strategies as tools for successful reading and related tasks. It aimed at determining how different types of metacognitive reading strategies are used by non-native English speakers at Bluefield State University (BSU). This research was conducted using a survey design. A sample of 34 students was randomly selected for the study. In the sample, 76, 47% of the students were female, while 23, 53% were male. Students were asked to complete a metacognitive reading questionnaire to determine their metacognitive reading strategies. The survey was conducted by the researcher. In order to obtain the percentage and the frequency, the data from these applications were uploaded to the computer, and SPSS 20 was used to do the calculations. In this study, the researcher found that students regularly used pre reading, while reading, and post reading metacognitive strategies. As they read, they pay attention to important parts of the text and evaluate the text and their understanding.

The research indicates that metacognitive strategies can assist EFL learners in improving their metacognitive reading comprehension skills. Moreover, metacognitive awareness leads to increased self-efficacy among learners. As a result, they become high achievers in EFL.

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