Measuring Research Productivity of International Journal of Digital Library Services (IJODLS) by using Bibliometric Indicators


Author(s): Akhandanand Shukla, NG Thermi Moyon

Paper measures research productivity of the journal IJODLS using bibliometric indicators. The journal publishes 154 research papers during the study period and was examined in terms of distribution of articles, authorship pattern, the degree of collaboration, and geographical distribution of articles, the rate of obsolescence etc. Results have been drawn from the analysis and found that two authorship is prevalent in the journal with 0.59 Degree of Collaboration; Nigeria is the top most contributor amongst foreign countries whereas India is the top most contributor of the articles for the journal; Maharashtra is the highest contributor amongst the Indian States and Union Territories; Journal Articles were found as the most prevalent source for citation; and 8 years is the calculated half-life of the journal citations.

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