Library Services in the Post-Matric Hostels of Social Welfare Department in Chikkamagaluru District: A Survey


Author(s): Bharath Kumar V

The study measure the level of student satisfaction with current library services offered by the post-matric hostel’s of Social Welfare Department in Chikkamagaluru district. The study looks at the use of existing library resources, information needs and information seeking behaviour of the Social Welfare Department hostel’s students of Chikkamagaluru district. A random sampling technique has been used to select 640 students who stayed in 11 post-matric hostels of Social Welfare Department. This study followed the systematic structured questionnaire method to collect the primary data from the students. The present study reveals a picture of the library use pattern, information seeking behaviour of the students, and the services rendered by the post-metric hostel libraries in Chikkamagaluru district. The hostel’s that are used as a sample in this study have to adopt good and effective library operations to disseminate the quality information to the students. The result of the study indicates satisfaction level of hostel students on library services offered by Social Welfare Department and the information needs of the students of various education backgrounds.

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