Library Management Skills for Library and Information Professionals: A Survey


Author(s): Kalikadevi G Badiger, Mallikarjuna Badiger

- The paper explores the result of a survey based on library management skills. Totally 141 library professionals were surveyed with the help of a structured questionnaire. The study found that most of the respondents are male 100(70.9%) and only 41(29.1%) of them were female respondents. The study found that the majority of respondents is 60 (45.55%) belonging to the age group of 31-40 years. The majority of respondents were librarians 63 (44.68%). The majority of the respondents were belonging to 1-5 years 55(39.01%) group. The majority of respondents were studied humanities and social sciences 68(48.23%). The majority of respondents were studied M.L.I.Sc 94 (66.67%). The 95(67.38%) respondents were indication organization of library materials is must. 89(63.12%) respondents were indicates knowledge about the library materials, 84(59.57%) respondents were indicating about knowledge is must for material selection/collection,72(51.06%) respondents were indicating operation and management skills are must. 26(18.44%) respondents were indicating not very important for foreign language skills

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