Knowledge Management Practices for Managed Services: A Case Study of Sirius Computer Solutions


Author(s): Syed Raiyan Ghani

The paper discourses a case study of implementing and practicing Knowledge Management (KM)at Sirius Computer Solutions (Sirius). The indulgent of KM in Sirius panorama, and the cycle of deployment of Knowledge Management System (KMS) is well addressed in the paper. The KM program was initiated in Sirius with focus on harnessing the tacit knowledge of employees who have best situational awareness. KM practices at Sirius is pertained to be a set of activities that ensure knowledge created in all business interactions are captured, categorized and stored in organizational body of knowledge for future purposes i.e. organizational learning and reuse. The aim of KM program and its practice in Sirius is to connect individual and collective knowledge of workforce and transform the same into organization effectiveness in market place in generating workable modest advantage.

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