Knowledge and Use of Information Retrieval Tools By Lawyers at Miyetti Law Abuja, Nigeria.


Author(s): Wisdom O. Anyim

This study investigated knowledge and use of information retrieval tools by lawyers at Miyetti Law, Abuja. Three research questions were framed for the study. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. The population of the study comprised 30 lawyers who were all studied without sampling as the population size was manageable. The instrument used for data collection was structured questionnaire. The data collected for the research questions were analyzed using frequency, percentage and mean. The result revealed that, lawyers are aware of various information retrieval tools available in the library which include indexes, search engines, shelve guides and OPAC but lack awareness on the availability of bibliographies and abstracts. Result also revealed that lawyers have high level of knowledge on the use the information retrieval tools and utilize them to a great extent in locating information in the library. It was recommended that lawyers should be sensitized further on the uses of other information retrieval tools in the library including abstract and bibliography. Law libraries should evaluate their lawyers’ information retrieval skill from time to time as to know where the help of librarians are needed. Law libraries should also conduct SWOT analysis to discover why the information resources are underutilized.

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