Knowledge and Use of Electronic Resources (ER) By the Faculty Members of KITSW (Autonomous), Warangal, Telangana State


Author(s): M. Anjaiah, M. Niranjan

The present study mainly focused on use of electronic resources by faculty members of Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science, (Autonomous) KITSW, Warangal. The author investigates the use of e-resources by faculties through a survey method. This survey purpose is to find out the awareness, availability and the usage of e-resources by the faculty members of KITSW. The survey conducted with the help of a questionnaire and personal interview. Majority of the faculty members are well aware about the electronic resources and most of the faculty members are using electronic resource at least once in a week, The Majority of faculty members 39.81% (43) using e- resources are teaching, The majority of faculty members are 31.48% (34) using e – resources twice a week, the majority of faculty members using e-Journals like IEEE 73.14% (79), Springer Links 71.42% (75), Elsevier-Science Direct 61.11 (66),the majority of faculty member44.44% (48) using eresources for e-Journals, and the majority of faculty member 43.51% (47) opinion “Good” with e-resources.

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