Job Satisfaction and Leadership Effectiveness of Librarians in Universities in South-West Nigeria


Author(s): Daniel Olusegun Ikegune, Olalekan Abiola Awujoola

This study investigates job satisfaction and leadership effectiveness of librarians in Universities in South-west Nigeria with the aid of survey research approach. Questionnaire was used to elicit information from 233 Academic Librarians, out of which 188 (80.7%) copies of the questionnaire were duly completed and returned. The data collected were analyzed using frequency count, percentage and analysis of variance (ANOVA) tested at 0.05 level of significance with the aid of SPSS Version 21. The findings revealed that there was low leadership effectiveness on job satisfaction of librarians in the university libraries in South-west, Nigeria (Df= 186, N= 188, r= -.153, P < 0.05). Job duties, salary, working conditions, opportunity to pursue research etc, seems not to be favourable at all. This inadequacy is reflected in the leadership ineffectiveness of the librarians as their performance only seems to be fair. The study also established that there is no significant relationship between librarian’s job performance and leadership effectiveness of the librarians in the universities in South-west, Nigeria. The null hypothesis was therefore accepted. To alleviate the incidence of low leadership effectiveness on job satisfaction of librarians in the university libraries, the study recommended improvement in the levels of adequate support by the management to the librarians, adequate funding from government, organised training programmes in order to acquire needed skills.

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