Introduction to Digital Resources in Libraries of India: A Case Study of Allam Iqbal Central Library of University of Kashmir in Jammu and Kashmir State


Author(s): Geetanjali Rana Kanwar

The digital resources are growing in the libraries of India continously to preserve the collections for longer duration as well making connectivity throughout the education world globally. The digiization proccess is in a very progressive mode in all over indian libraries. Indian government is also providing financial aids and support to many educational organizations and institutes in making the maximum use of digital resources. University of Kashmir is one of the indian university with beautiful atmosphere and natural scenic beauty which has the capability of attracting national and international scholars throughout the world.University Library of University of Kashmir possess unique heritage collection with progressive development of world class amenities and infrastructure. The development of maximum use of digital resources is in a continuous progressive growth. The internet facilities and development of e-resources has made possible to connect the library to library users from all over the world in a fast and easiest manner with less duration of time.

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