Internet of Things in Libraries: A Scientometric Study


Author(s): Bhalachandra S Deshpande, Sajana C

Connecting our home computers to Internet just simply means connecting it to a large web of many other computers located at distant locations. Similarly, the emerging concept of Internet of Things (IOT) is born with the idea of connecting daily used “smart” machines and appliances to each other. As in Internet, we can tap their ability to exchange valuable information to gain productive knowledge and make our lives easier. Focusing on the role of IOT in Library, a Scientometric approach was applied to quantitatively evaluate the main interests of research trends in this field of study. To better understand the rapidly growing IOT applications in libraries, this study presents the findings of a Scientometric analysis of the related literature. Using the data from the Web of Science (WoS) database between January 2006 and July 2020, a total of 267 publications were retrieved by searching keyword- “Internet of Things (IOT) and library”. The preliminary results show that the annual publications on IOT have increased steadily, since past decade. This reflects the fact that there exists absolute attraction towards this evolving concept of IOT. Other findings are related to patterns of global research collaboration, keyword frequency/subject interests to researchers, core journals, highly cited articles, citations growth etc. As observed by the authors, this article signifies the vibrant growth of research in IOT as a impending technology that has the potential to enter our daily lives and also we believe there seems to be no work in Scientometric mapping of publications related to Internet of Things in Libraries. Therefore, this current study can be considered as a fundamental work within this field.

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