Institutional Repository: An overview


Author(s): A.Kaladhar, B.R. Doraswamy Naick , K. Somasekhara Rao

This paper discusses about the overall features of Institutional Repositories(IR) like what is IR, its content, challenges, benefits its future and how an institutional repository can be treated and converted as service. It aims to show how the IR can empower, elevate and enhance the intellectual efforts of an institution. It also deals with access management of the IR in terms of security aspects. This study mostly concentrated on research activity of the institution and to what extent it is helpful, assists in sharing and learning, improving knowledge in an institution. Institutions are spending so much of money on subscribing to e-resources like e-journals, e-books, online services, databases and web portals. It is the duty of the librarian to minimize the cost and to maximize the accessibility of e-resources. Integration of scattered information within the institution is most appropriate method to be applied and adopted to make the library resourceful and visible. As the exponential growth of Information systems could also leads to offer electronic information services.

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