Information Use Pattern and Resources of District Central Public Library, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh: A study


Author(s): P. Sorakananda Rao and I. Chandraiah

The present study reveals that a large number of people, research guide and schools have been using the Chittoor District Central Library. There seems to be greater scope for further improvements in terms of equipment, technology and other facilities like internet. The style and system of functioning of the Chittoor District Central Library is to be enhanced both qualitatively and quantitatively. The main objective of study is to examine the use pattern of information resources among the Chittoor district central library. It could be characterized by the rapid growth of the amount and variety of information, development of the conception of information as a commodity, formation of knowledge and information industry, development of the information and communication technology, the impact of information and its technologies on all spheres of life including the nature of learning and work as well as on the style of everyday life.

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