Information Seeking behaviour of University Teachers: A study at selected Universities in undivided Andhra Pradesh


Author(s): Dr. Murali Prasad M R

Eminent Philosophers and thinkers share the view that the quality of a university is reflected, in direct proportion, in the quality of its teachers. Laski (1957) once observed, “The true epochs in a university’s life are not marked by its buildings, its books or even the growth of its numbers. – They are marked by the great teachers it has possessed.” The role of a teacher in the university is obviously an important one. The basic functions of a University teacher are teaching, research, and extension for which information is the main commodity. To perform these three activities effectively, a University teacher has to keep himself abreast of the latest trends and developments in his and also related fields. On him rests the responsibilities of not only acquiring new knowledge but also disseminate it to younger generations. New knowledge is generated by research. Therefore, it is necessary that teachers keep themselves abreast of new developments. The goal of university is to promote research, training and dissemination of knowledge. University teachers need to not only teach, but also do research and disseminate knowledge to the common man.

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