Information Seeking Behaviour of Librarians in Internet era: A study of First Grade College Libraries of Dharwad city, Karnataka


Author(s): Rajeshwari. S.M, Ramesh R. Naik

Libraries play a prominent role in satisfying the various information needs of the user community. In this changing internet era libraries need to give more importance on the collection development policies.The main purpose of any college library is to provide its users relevant and up to date information in order to fulfil its core function of facilitating teaching, learning and research. The development of ICT and its applications in the libraries have been changed the entire scenario. The study is conducted to know the information seeking behaviour of college librarians in internet era limited to colleges of Dharwad city, Karnataka.A well-structured questionnairewas distributed among the librarians for data collections. The study includes infrastructure facility of library, collection strength of library, online and offline services offered by libraries, awareness about ICT skills of librarians, basic purposes of seeking information, preferable sources used by librarians, essential library activities to promote library services, training programmes for skill enhancement for librarians, constraints faced while providing services and few suggestions for updating the knowledge/skills of librarians.The core of the library profession remains the same, but methods and tools for informationdelivery continue to grow and change dramatically. Librarians must understand information seeking behaviour of users to re-engineer their services and provide information efficiently

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