Information Resources Utilization by the Competitive Exam Aspirants in Some of the District Central Libraries of Tamilnadu


Author(s): S. Kishore Kumar, A. Ananda Ramesh

 In all the district of Tamilnadu the central libraries of have separate section as ‘Civil Services and Competitive Exam Section’. This section provides specialized resources for the competitive exam aspirants. Present study is undertaken to study how the information resources was utilized by the competitive exam aspirants in the Competitive exam section of the central library. Related reviews were discussed in this study. The main objective was to analyse the utilization of competitive exam resources by the respondents in the public library for competitive exam preparation. The major findings of the study was majority (75.18%) of the respondents are reading Tamilnadu board Text book for competitive exam preparation, and most (48.91%) of the respondents read magazines on career news. It was suggested that the public library can take suitable action for better utilization of the competitive exam books and magazines. The competitive exam aspirants should utilize the resources and services of the competitive exam section at an optimum level for succeeding in their competitive exam preparation.

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